Bible Study Groups


If you are interested in joining a small group, below is a list of what is currently going on around our St. Andrews community. Contact Chris (church: 519-843-3565) for more information, or to inquire about joining a specific group.



Bible Studies
St Andrew’s Fergus

Winter 2018


Men’s Group

Thursdays @ 11:00am


Paul Lingen
In the Library

Current Attendance: 8 ppl


Anyone Group

Sundays @ 9:30am

The Early Church (Ray VanderLan)

Beatty McLean

In the Loft

Current Attendance: 21 ppl


Woman’s Group

Mondays @ 7:00pm

N.T. Wright - Ephesians

Erica Dyce
200 River St Common Room

Current Attendance: 13 ppl


Anyone Group

Tuesdays @ 5:45pm

Prayer (actually praying)

Sandra Woods
Prayer Chapel

Current Attendance: 6 ppl


Woman’s Group

Last Wednesday of the month @ 7:00pm

Book of Revelation – Max Lucado

Sharon McDonald

In Member’s Homes

Current Attendance: 9 ppl


Families with Kids

Thursdays @ 7:00pm

Inductive Studies

Norbi Hegedus
In member’s homes

Current Attendance: 8 ppl


Anyone Group

Thursdays @ 1:30pm

Ted Creen – The Beatitudes

Doug Walker

Church Parlour

Current Attendance: 13ppl


Woman’s Group

Monday @ 7:00pm

Israel’s Mission (Ray VanderLan)

Elke Lingen

In member’s homes

Current Attendance: 10 ppl


Anyone Group

Sundays @ 10:45am

Life and Ministry of the Messiah (Ray VanderLan)

Brian Kennedy
In the Loft

Current Attendance: 15


Woman’s Group

Wednesdays @ 10:00am

Promised Land by Ray Vanderlan

Doreen Welton

Current Attendance: 15 ppl


Youth & Young Adults
Thursdays @ 8pm
Youth Studies

Chris Clements
Youth Loft
Current Attendance: 15 ppl




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